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Worm Resources

Wormbase The repository of everything Worm.

Wormbook C. elegans reviews and protocols.

C. elegans Genetics Center The central worm strain resource.

National BioResource Project Worm gene knockouts by Mitani.

Worm Breeder's Gazette New electronic version of a classic.

Worm Meetings

Yale Worm Meeting. Held weekly. Schedule

Boston Area Worm Meeting Held 4 times a year at MIT.

New York Worm Meeting Held at the New York Academy of Sciences.

International C. elegans Meeting Held once a year: on even years at UCLA, on odd years at Madison (topic meetings).

Worm Labs


Colon-Ramos Lab

Horwich Lab

Hurwitz Lab

Koelle Lab

Reinke Lab

Slack Lab

Weidhaas Lab